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How secure is your password?

Securing your online identity is more important now than ever.  Are your email accounts, credit card logins, and and social media accounts secure enough to get past a would-be hacker?

I can across a pretty cool website the other day that asks the question:  How Secure is My Password?  The website says it doesn't store any information and, from what I can tell, it doesn't.  So go ahead and play around - it is a pretty fun site.  Here are some takeaways for you:

  • The longer your password, the better.  

    If your password is argyle it will only take a home PC 30 seconds to crack it whereas arglesocks would take 11 years to crack.
  • Mix up capital and lower case letters

    We learned above that argylesocks would take 11 years to crack.  Change it to ArgyleSocks and it will take 23,000 years to crack.  Pretty easy switch, huh?
  • Mix a few numbers in there for extra security

    Making our password a mix of letters and numbers makes it tougher for would be thieves.  The password Argy1eS0cks gives us around 164,000 years of comfort.
  • Add in a combo of numbers and special characters for the ultimate security

    If we change our password to @rGy1eS0ckS it will take 1,000,000 years to crack.
  • Avoid using just numbers as your password

    If we were to use the Amnet phone number as our password, 7194426683, it would take only 16 minutes to crack.  Even if we put dashes between the numbers we'd only buy ourselves 8 hours of security.
  • Remember - these are estimates based on your average desktop PC  

    Do your best to make your password one that people won't try and guess the different variations.

I typically use 10-15 different passwords for the different sites I use.  The easiest one to crack (before I changed it) would have taken someone only 10 seconds to crack.  The hardest?  42 trillion years!  I'm now moving my passwords the million year + zone.

How about you?  How did your passwords score?



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Jul 01, 2010
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0 RE: How Secure is Your Password
Here's my problem. I worked in an IT department for years so I know all this stuff but when you try to implement it 90% of sites don't allow most of these things. My bank's site only recently became case sensitive and does not allow special characters! Extremely frustrating as that's the one I'd really like to secure.
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Jul 01, 2010
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Hunter W
0 That is frustrating!

That is crazy! You'd think that banks would be the first ones to make it as hard to guess passwords as possible.

Thanks for sharing.


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