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Great Businesses

Amnet sends its congratulations to Combat Training Solutions, Summit Technical Solutions, and Bristol Brewery for each winning prestigious small business awards.

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Using PDFs

At one time or another, you’ve most likely opened a PDF file. A PDF document is a file format developed by Adobe that is independent of software, hardware, or operating systems. This means that if you open a PDF file on your Windows 7 computer at home, it should look the same if you open it on your iPad or your Android phone.


Mobile Payments

The payment systems we use are not incredibly complicated, but what if they could be even more straightforward? NFC (Near Field Communication) technology is hoping to achieve that. NFC mobile chips hope to change our current payment systems by letting us transmit data from one device to another, at close range.

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improve website conversions

If you’re like most businesses, you’re looking for ways to increase your market share, improve your cash flow, and lower your expenses. Many of us are dealing with tighter margins and clients who aren’t paying as fast as they used to. It’s a sign of the economic times.

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Social Media Success

Small Businesses Get Business with Social Media

An overwhelming number of businesses are turning to social media to acquire more customers - especially small businesses.  And with good reason - nearly 45% of small companies report acquiring new customers through social media.

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Keyword Research

Every single search engine optimization (SEO) campaign you do will revolve around keyword research.  It is critical to your online success that you get this step right.


Microsoft Office Suite

Depending on what Microsoft Office suite you purchase with a new system, you may discover you have programs which you hadn’t noticed before. For instance, in Windows, here is my Microsoft Office program group:


Know Your Tech Terms

For the majority of us, technology is quite prevalent in our day-to-day lives. Unfortunately, we often are unclear about what the terms pertaining to technology actually mean. This mini glossary of tech terms can help you to understand some of the most common terms.

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