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Windows 7 FTP

FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol which is used to transfer a file from one computer to another across a network, generally the Internet. While it was widely used in the late 90s and early 00s, the usage of FTP as a main form of file transfer across the Internet is less prevalent than today. FTP is still used occasionally when updating websites on web servers and for sharing large files between individuals.


What You Need to Know About Link Spamming

Don't Do Link Spam

SEO Roundtable had a great article about Linkspamming Google.  Here are the keys to remember to help you identify link schemes:



Windows 7 Calculator: New Hotness

Windows 7 Calculator

No doubt you have used the nifty little calculator application in Windows: 


SEO Tip of the Week: 5 Tips for Local SEO

5 Local SEO Tips

Get out our notebook – this is an article you’re going to like! Today we’re going to look at an important aspect of marketing: Local SEO. Google says that 20% of all searches have a local intent. That number is astonishing! But it gets even crazier. Bing recently announced that 53% of all mobile searches have local intent.


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Three Tools for Online Brand Monitoring

What is the Best Hashtag to Use?

The rise of social media has brought on a new dilemma for businesses: monitoring your brand name. Customers can quickly and easily say positive or negative things about your business for all to see. If you’re not careful it can cost you a sale, turn off a potential business partnership, or derail your business. We’ll look at three tools you can use to monitor your company’s online brand:



How Do I Take a Screen Shot?

Taking a screen shot

No doubt you’ve worked with technical support staff when you’ve had an error on your computer system. Often, error messages can contain a large amount of data and it’s not the easiest thing to relay over the phone.


Where Should I place my PC or my Server?

Proper Computer Placement

One question many people don’t think about when they purchase a new computer system, whether it’s a workstation or server, is where to physically place the systems. Here are some tips to consider when deciding where to place the physical computer:


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