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Speeding Up Windows 7

If you go into a retail location and pick out an entry-level computer system, often you will find that it comes with the bare minimum performance components. The hardware that is most often at a minimum is the memory or RAM (Random Access Memory). RAM is the part of a computer that determines how many resources your computer has to run programs. The more programs you have opened, the more RAM is used. If you use up your entire RAM with open applications, your computer then has to use virtual memory which is basically a file on your hard drive. Because hard drives are typically slower than RAM, this means that any programs using this virtual memory, will be sluggish.


My Windows 7 Computer Won’t Start! What Can I Do?

Windows 7 Won't Start

If you’ve used a computer for any length of time, most likely you’ve experienced the frustration of powering up your system and finding it will not reach Windows. Blue screens, lock-ups, and automatic reboots all are tasks that can make getting into Windows a bit more challenging.


Is the .com Dead?

Is the .com dead?

Big Internet news this week: ICANN, the group that manages the allocation of domain names and IP addresses, announced it would allow virtually any word to become a top-level domain (TLD).

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Home Internet Connectivity – Which to choose?

Home Internet

When choosing Internet connectivity, there are many, many choices initially. Availability and cost are two of the main factors to consider when narrowing down your options. Some types of Internet connections are not available in your area. Some connections may be too expensive to merit the monthly charges.

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Voice Search: Technology of the Future

Voice Search

Smartphones have been one of recent history’s fastest growing technological advancements. Like most technology, the inception of smartphones has led to the necessity for other supportive technologies to be developed. For example, mobile devices being able to connect to a full version of the Internet requires developers to create and design new ways of interacting with the Internet.

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Uncommon ways to use web video for your business

Viva le Video Revolution

Web video is a medium that is quickly becoming more and more popular for business. Many businesses, however, do not take advantage of web video, despite its ease and convenience. Keep reading for some great ideas on using web video for your business.


Attitude Matters in Small Business

Attitude is Everything

Professional skill and connections can take you far, but if you do not have a personable demeanor, you might find success to be out of reach.

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