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The Windows 7 calculator brings new, super functionality.

No doubt you have used the nifty little calculator application in Windows: 

Taking a Screen Shot

No doubt you’ve worked with technical support staff when you’ve had an error on your computer system. Often, error messages can contain a large amount of data and it’s not the easiest thing to relay over the phone.

Proper Computer Placement

One question many people don’t think about when they purchase a new computer system, whether it’s a workstation or server, is where to physically place the systems. Here are some tips to consider when deciding where to place the physical computer:

Longer Laptop Life

So, you’ve purchased a new, top-of-the-line laptop from Dell. What are some practical steps that you can take to make sure that your laptop lasts and stays in tip-top shape? Here are 4 easy tips:

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Still running Windows XP? It is probably time to upgrade.

Over the past several years, company budgets for IT-related spending have been lowered significantly, if not frozen altogether. The global economy is slowly starting to move ahead and many businesses, even those in the SMB sector, are starting to see the screws loosening.

Windows 7 comes with a feature called the Action Center. For those that have Windows 7, you might have seen a pop-up related to this utility in your system tray.

Reports in Windows 7 Helps with Troubleshooting

Windows 7 has some pretty cool features to help you troubleshoot your problems. Let's take a look at some of the reports.

Can my computer select the best printer based on my location?

It would be really nice if my laptop would automatically print to my home printer when at home and then switch to my office printer when at work. Is this possible?

New software on your computer can cause problems. Here's how to restore it.

Things haven’t worked right since I installed this program. I’ve removed it, but my computer is still acting strange. How can I go back to before I installed the software?

A few extra minutes doing things smart can avoid days of headaches

This is one question that a lot of people ask and it is one thing that you can test and change to help improve your search engine rankings. Today we’ll look at some the top recommendations for setting up your pages for keyword-targeting. Of course, there is no “perfect formula” but this should get you a pretty good start.

Choosing the best connection

When I connect to a new wireless network, I am given an option to specify if the connection is a Work, Home, or Public connection. Which should I choose?

Help! I deleted a document from My Documents and I have no backup. Is there any way to get the document back?

At least once in your computing atmosphere, you will delete a file that you did not mean to delete. Normally, that file will be safely stored in the Recycle Bin. Occasionally though, you might permanently delete a file by either holding down SHIFT and DELETE or by emptying your Recycle Bin.

What to Consider when Upgrading to Windows 7

I’m thinking of upgrading to Windows 7, but there are so many versions. Which should I buy for home? Which should I buy for the office?

In the United States, there are five different versions of Windows 7 which may be readily found on computers:

Running Windows 7 as an Administrator

Have you wondered how to run applications in Windows 7 as an administrator? Do you wonder what what means? In order to answer these questions, we need a short history lesson. Initially introduced in Windows Vista, Microsoft added a feature called User Account Control (UAC). While often lambasted by critics and ridiculed by the media, the UAC served a single, noble purpose: to protect users from themselves.

My computer is low on disk space. What is the easiest thing I can do to fix this on my own?

With the growing size of games, multimedia, and documents, many users find themselves frequently low on disk space on their computers. This is particularly true of laptops, which generally have smaller hard drives. What is the easiest, safest, and fastest way to free up disk space on your workstation?

Surge Protectors vs UPS

Many people wonder what the difference is between a surge protector and an uninterruptable power supply (UPS). They’re often unsure of what to purchase for their computers.

Maximizing Your Email Signature

If you have a job then there is a good chance that email is a vital part of your daily life and will be for a long time, despite what Facebook's COO has to say about it.  You're probably sending dozens, maybe even hundreds, of emails each and every day.  But are you using each and every email as a marketing tool?  If not, you should be.

If you have a job then there is a good chance that email is a vital part of your daily life, Gm8NdNy4wOM has to say about it.