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Keyboard shortcuts have been around for many years. Yet, so few people utilize this functionality of their computers.

Taking a Screen Shot

No doubt you’ve worked with technical support staff when you’ve had an error on your computer system. Often, error messages can contain a large amount of data and it’s not the easiest thing to relay over the phone.

Help! I deleted a document from My Documents and I have no backup. Is there any way to get the document back?

At least once in your computing atmosphere, you will delete a file that you did not mean to delete. Normally, that file will be safely stored in the Recycle Bin. Occasionally though, you might permanently delete a file by either holding down SHIFT and DELETE or by emptying your Recycle Bin.

Windows 7 Tip #1:Aero Shake

Most multitasking computer users generally have five to ten different applications open at once on their computers. For me, this clutter is often annoying and distracting. I’ll have a window I’m focused on, but suddenly I notice another event in an application that draws my attention away from the task at hand. This has become even more of an issue in my multi-monitor setup.

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What to Consider when Upgrading to Windows 7

I’m thinking of upgrading to Windows 7, but there are so many versions. Which should I buy for home? Which should I buy for the office?

In the United States, there are five different versions of Windows 7 which may be readily found on computers:

Running Windows 7 as an Administrator

Have you wondered how to run applications in Windows 7 as an administrator? Do you wonder what what means? In order to answer these questions, we need a short history lesson. Initially introduced in Windows Vista, Microsoft added a feature called User Account Control (UAC). While often lambasted by critics and ridiculed by the media, the UAC served a single, noble purpose: to protect users from themselves.