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Social Media Wednesday: Tools for Brand Monitoring

The rise of social media has brought on a new dilemma for businesses: monitoring your brand name. Customers can quickly and easily say positive or negative things about your business for all to see. If you’re not careful it can cost you a sale, turn off a potential business partnership, or derail your business. We’ll look at three tools you can use to monitor your company’s online brand:


Three things you can do in the next few minutes to improve your page

More than 500 million are on Facebook - and that includes many of your customers and potential customers. I'm going to assume you're already there - if not I wish you a hearty congratulations on buying your first computer! But if you already have a Facebook page you may have missed these three easy but important features to improving your page.

What is the best way to use #hashtags on Twitter?

Hashtags are a way of life on Twitter. Every time you post you should use a hashtag (#) to categorize your post so it can be found and subsequently reposted by the rest of the Twitter community. But did you know there is an art and science to which tag you should use? We've identified 3 key factors to hashtag success.  Throughout this article we'll be using information obtained from What the Hashtag?


50 Ways to Use Social Media for Business

If you're a business person and if you're reading this blog then chances are you've got a social media profile. You may even manage it. There are a lot of articles out there that give you step-by-step instructions on how to set up a profile but very few on how to promote your business once you get there. That's why I've put together 50 different ideas on how you can leverage social media to reach out to your prospects and customers as well as monitor your brand.

5 Great Tools for Visualizing your Twitter Followers

This article originally appeared on Mashable.  It provides some great information that we think you'll like! 


We’ve brought you a few roundups of some pretty cool Twitter visualization tools in the past, and now we’re back with five more for your Twitter-lovin’ pleasure.

5 Essential Tips for your Social Media Strategy

According to the marketing firm R2integrated, a majority of marketing professionals claim that social media is an "invaluable" part of their business and important to their brand.  Unfortunately, most of those same marketers are not seeing increased revenue or profits from their social media efforts.  Let's explore why.

Small Businesses Get Business with Social Media

An overwhelming number of businesses are turning to social media to acquire more customers - especially small businesses.  And with good reason - nearly 45% of small companies report acquiring new customers through social media.

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How to Get Business Handed to You on LinkedIn - Part II

On Thursday we discussed the first five tips on using LinkedIn for business.  Today we look at 7 additional tips to getting business handed to you on LinkedIn.

How to Get Business Handed to You on LinkedIn

LinkedIn… so under appreciated. It’s like the squirrely little brother to the high school sports star. You know the kid – not very athletic, stays home on the weekends, and wears the pocket protector and glasses just like he always has… and like you’d expect him to.

How people interact with your online marketing strategies tells you a lot about them.

We've all heard that we should be marketing online but very few of us know what a real strategy looks like. The important thing to remember is: marketing hasn't changed - the only thing that has changed is how you deliver the message.

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In another move signaling its increased focus on opening up data, Facebook is rolling out a set of enhancements to its search experience. The changes are focused on getting you to the relevant profile, page, group or event on Facebook before actually running a query.