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And Do It Without Adding Memory

If you go into a retail location and pick out an entry-level computer system, often you will find that it comes with the bare minimum performance components. The hardware that is most often at a minimum is the memory or RAM (Random Access Memory). RAM is the part of a computer that determines how many resources your computer has to run programs. The more programs you have opened, the more RAM is used. If you use up your entire RAM with open applications, your computer then has to use virtual memory which is basically a file on your hard drive. Because hard drives are typically slower than RAM, this means that any programs using this virtual memory, will be sluggish.

Windows 7 Gives an Easy Fix to a Common Problem

If you’ve used a computer for any length of time, most likely you’ve experienced the frustration of powering up your system and finding it will not reach Windows. Blue screens, lock-ups, and automatic reboots all are tasks that can make getting into Windows a bit more challenging.

Which Internet Option is Best for You?

When choosing Internet connectivity, there are many, many choices initially. Availability and cost are two of the main factors to consider when narrowing down your options. Some types of Internet connections are not available in your area. Some connections may be too expensive to merit the monthly charges.

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Where are my Gadgets?

One of the items I loved about Windows Vista was the ability to have various Gadgets on a sidebar within Windows. Reviewing my calendar, checking my computer’s resources, and seeing updated news didn’t require opening my browser at all. When you upgrade to Windows 7, you might notice that this sidebar has disappeared.

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Knowing is Half the Battle

For the majority of us, technology is quite prevalent in our day-to-day lives. Unfortunately, we often are unclear about what the terms pertaining to technology actually mean. This mini glossary of tech terms can help you to understand some of the most common terms.

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A Common Question with an Important Answer

Over the past week, I’ve had a couple people ask me this question. They’re often unsure if they should purchase software on a computer when they buy a system new, or if they should purchase the software and install it after they receive a new computer. There is often a price difference between the two options, but there are also stipulations. So, let’s explain them.

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Get a sleek, new inbox!

How many email items do you have in your inbox in Outlook? Zero? Ten? Ten Thousand? Does it feel that you’ll never catch up? Perhaps getting organized will help you sort through the clutter.

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Overcoming this Common (and Annoying) Problem

At times, our computers decide to go absent-minded and hang up on us. Here are some steps you can take when this happens.

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Two Ways to Protect Your Privacy on Shared Computers

Many times we find ourselves using shared workstations. These may be computers at a friend’s house, systems at a library, or checking our email at an Internet café.

Get Rid of the Annoyance (Won't work with used car salesmen)

If you get a lot of email during your workday then you know how annoying some of Outlook's notifications can be. Let's look at a couple of quick fixes.  But unlike 

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It's an Enhanced Windows Experience

In case you haven’t found it, Microsoft has released a neat little package that will enhance your Windows experience. It’s called Windows Live Essentials.

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Should you or shouldn't you?

This week our good friends at Microsoft made Internet Explorer 9 publicly available. So, the question remains, should you install it?

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Patches Can Keep Your Computer Secure

Windows 7 Service Pack 1 was released two weeks ago to the public. What exactly did Microsoft fix in this massive update? Should you install it?

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Batten Down the Hatches!

The past four entries to this series have shown us what we shouldn’t do when on the Internet. Now, what proactive steps can you take to make sure you’re safe while surfing?

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Things that go POP in the night

How often have you experienced this scenario? You open your favorite web browser and start going to different sites on the Internet. After a few minutes you notice that a number of other windows have opened up. These windows are advertising other products, some based on the sites you’ve just visited. You close one of the windows and another opens up in its place. To make matters worse, these windows start opening a new window every few seconds. Welcome to the world of pop-ups!

Message for You, Sir!

Email has become an integral part of our day-to-day lives, particularly in the business world. We correspond with coworkers, clients, partners, family members, and random acquaintances over email more frequently than we speak with them. With that said, our inboxes are filled most every day. So, should we treat all email equally?

Downloads - What & Where?

In this part of our series, we’ll address the precautions you should take when downloading content on the Internet.

The Internet has a plethora of content which is fit for consumption. However, not all of it needs to be stored on your computer.

Downloads - What & Where? In this part of our series, we’ll address the precautions you should take when downloading content on the Internet. The Internet has a plethora of content which is fit for consumption. However, not all of it needs to be stored on your computer.
Part 1: Just Browsing We're starting a new series of articles will hopefully advise readers as to some good habits to develop in order to limit exposure to viruses, malware, and other damaging agents on the Internet. Basic Internet usage has become a staple for many, but even with the ease of accessibility and use, the Internet is filled with dangers both to your computer and data as well as to your identity and reputation. The first of our entries to this series covers how you cruise around on the Information Superhighway.

Hiding Your Windows updates

Microsoft releases updates to Windows and other products quite frequently. At times though, the update may be one you do not want. Perhaps it will break functionality of a third-party application on your computer. Maybe it updates a feature of Windows that you do not use. Whatever the reason, you may wish to not install the update and also hide it from the list of updates available. Let's look at how to get more control over these updates.

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