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Most individuals have Facebook accounts. They access them on their laptops, tablets, phones and even televisions. Unfortunately, most people are unaware of what they are sharing with the entire world. Let’s take a brief look at how to access Facebook’s privacy settings and how to go into lockdown mode.

First, after logging into your Facebook account, in the upper-right corner, click on Account and click on Privacy Settings:











After you open Privacy Settings, you’ll notice that there are four main options for how you share information: Everyone, Friends of Friends, Friends Only and Recommended.

You can click all four of the options to see how the settings are affected. Here is the Everyone option:












Usually, individuals can select one of these four options in order to adequately lock down their accounts to their taste. However, if you want more granular control, click on the Custom option and then click on Customize settings.

In this area you can select the various individual components of Facebook and elect who you wish to share these details with. This includes information as sensitive as your email address, your physical address, and your telephone number.



















Should you lock down your Facebook account to some extent? For safety reasons, I would say yes. An example of why to do this can be shown with Facebook’s Check-In feature. People have a habit of initiating a Check-In with their Facebook app when they visit a restaurant or a venue. This shows that they are at a specific location at a certain time. If you check-in at a location and have your address publicly listed on Facebook, you might be advertising to the entire Internet that you’re not at home. This could be a welcome invitation for those with bad intentions. Perhaps this is a stretch of an example or perhaps not. Either way, safeguarding your electronic identity should be important to you.

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